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Local Internet Services – Prices Compared

We've compiled a complete contact list of Internet Service Providers in Nevada County – download the PDF file (45kb) so you can view all of your options.

We also took the time to compile pricing for broadband Internet access (1.5 Mbps and above) in Spiral’s service area – western Nevada County. These prices were effective as of October 2012, and do not reflect any promotions that particular providers may be offering. We hope this will assist you in selecting an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers good value for the speed of acccess. Please note that other provider prices are subject to change, so we encourage you to contact them directly regarding their current pricing, data limits and contract requirements.

In the chart below, we compare pricing from 1.5 Mbps download to 50 Mbps download speeds. Note that all upload speeds are significantly less, and all download speeds are listed as “up to” in all cases.

• Spiral DSL and DigitalPath Wireless are the only two services that offer unlimited data per month at no extra cost.
• Spiral Internet is the ONLY provider that does not require a contract. We also allow you to use your existing AT&T DSL modem at no charge. (You just need to bring it in, so we can remove the cooties.)

Call us at 530-478-9822, if you would like to sign up for Spiral DSL or DigitalPath Fixed Wireless service.

Download PDF file (259 kb) of Spiral’s Residential Price Comparison chart.

ISP Cost Comparison

There are 5 types of broadband Internet access available locally (for broadband speed chart, see below)


– runs over the AT&T copper wire phone network – offered by Spiral
– note that AT&T bundled pricing does not give you any discount – although they will tell you that is the case
• Cable
– runs over Comcast or Suddenlink’s coaxial cable network
– cable service speeds depend on how many customers are on the network at any given time
– currently the fastest speeds available
• Wireless: Fixed
– terrestrial-based wireless, often called WiFi – offered locally determined by your location, as it is based on line-of-sight to tower
– offered by Digital Path, exWire, ColfaxNet, Central Valley Broadband, and SmarterBroadband
• Wireless: Cellular
– terrestrial-based wireless running over a cellular network, offered locally by AT&T or Verizon
• Wireless: Satellite
– “outer space” wireless, offered locally by HughesNet and WildBlue
– can appear very slow because of latency - distance of 20,000 miles to the satellite and same down

Bandwidth Comparison Chart

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